Allotments for all!

03 Mar

This is fantastic news.


Acres of privately owned land is to be turned into allotments, to boost the number of people growing their own fruit and veg. A Government scheme announced today proposes handing over unused building sites and derelict land to keen gardeners, just like the Dig for Victory campaign of the 1940’s. I am looking forward to seeing how this develops and actually seeing allotments appear in inner cities. Great news for those 100,000 plus people on the waiting list for a piece of land.

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One response to “Allotments for all!

  1. Les Stothard

    November 6, 2011 at 22:37

    I found your article very interesting as i was brough up as a child by George Stothard who won the dig for victory garden competition run by the Daily Exspress during the war. I have the cert.that was presented to him signed by Mr Middleton the radio gardener and national allotment officials. the prize money was £3500 which was a large amount in those days. I have no idea of the value of these to a collector.Photo copies are on display at Gainsborough Heritage centre.


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