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Signs of life

Well, l managed to get an hour or so on my plot yesterday. It really was lovely to be out there with the sun burning my neck! I got a row of peas in as advised by Mr Middleton. The pea sticks were put in at the same time of sowing.

Pea sticks

I will sow another row in about 10 days or so to try and keep a succession of peas going over a longer period rather than sow them all now and have a glut.

Pea sticks 2

I had a quick look at the potatoes l had planted under cover a few weeks ago and was amazed to see several new shoots poking their heads up! Another 5 or 6 weeks and l hope to be eating my first bowl of spuds!

First potato!

I checked the other cloche and all the seeds have germinated. Its a great sight after all this awful weather we have had but there is still so much to do.  I hope you are all able to get out into your gardens this weekend too.


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