Sow, Plant and Hoe

29 Apr


Mr Middleton says: All pruning should have a purpose. If you don’t know why you are cutting a shoot, don’t cut it.

1. Sow Calabresse, Pickling Onions and Garlic.- Calabresse can now be sown in the outside seed bed. This is a form of cauliflower which provides a green head in summer and, when this is cut, produces shoots for winter use. Pickling onions can be sown. Queen Pickling or Silverskin Pickling are good varieties. Put the seeds in thinly on the onion bed. Shallots should be growing now and will benefit from a dressing of general fertilizer hoed in between the rows. Onions planted out in March and now established can also have a light fertilizer dressing. Garlic may be planted in exactly the same wayas shallots, except that the old bulbs are first broken up and the small sections planted separately.

3. Plant first leeks.- The first leeks should be planted now for those that are exhibiting or who like to have them early. Exhibitors must prepare their soil especially well, using manure and fertilizer. Leeks do like a rich soil. There are two ways of growing them- in trenches and in holes. The trench method is best for the exhibitor. It is made in the same way as a celery trench and is about 6-in. deep. The plants are put in 2- or 3-in. deep in single or double rows. As the plants grow they are earthed up with soil to produce well-blanched stems.

6. Earth-up Potatoes: Prepare Marrow Beds.-

9. Sow, Plant and Hoe.- Make any necessary successional sowings. Prick out celeriac  sown earlier. Dress shallots with fertilizer. Prepare outdoor tomato sites. Plant out parsley. Thin out Salsify to 6 in. Hoe around fruit trees and bushes.

This poster seems apt in the run up to the election.

I made some sowings of Early and Late Purple Sprouting Broccoli two weeks ago and they are just starting to appear, as are the Ruby Chard, carrots and Spinach. The ground is very dry now and l have had to water the seedlings to try and help them along but they never seem to respond the same way as when they have a drop of proper rain. Today was hot and sunny and it looks set to remain the same.

I am moving things out of the greenhouse and hardening them off outside. My leeks are too small to be planted outside yet but another two weeks should see them big enough. I have some Salsify seed and l will make a sowing this week. The garlic l started in October last year has really come on but… has the dreaded rust! Every year is the same and l think this will be the last time l try growing it. Its not worth the effort or the space it takes up in my plot that could be used for other crops. I can already see l won’t have enough room for everything l want to grow; its the same every year!


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5 responses to “Sow, Plant and Hoe

  1. Jo

    April 29, 2010 at 10:14

    I would think that it’s a little late for garlic now, I thought it needed a frost in order for the cloves to seperate. I’ve got broccoli, chard and spinach just germinating now too. I haven’t yet sown any carrots. I didn’t have any success with them last year, they just didn’t want to germinate, but I’ll give them another go this year.

  2. Jimmy Cracked-Corn

    April 29, 2010 at 12:53

    1, 3, 6, 9? His lists are numbered funny. 🙂

  3. trevorhunt

    April 29, 2010 at 16:06

    Hi Jo, You’re right, of course, it is a tad late if you want good Garlic. I suppose we have to remember that garlic was not as popular then as it is today so l am assuming it was still in the stages of trial and error. I’m not sure.
    Its an interesting concept to plant the whole bulb instead of breaking off the cloves separately and then planting them, but l might give it a try in October if l am going to risk it again.
    Good luck with the carrots. Mine are just breaking through but we really need some good rain to help things along.
    I will pass on the blog award but need to do my homework first!

  4. trevorhunt

    April 29, 2010 at 16:18

    Hi Jimmy,
    Okay, you are the first to pick me up on this but there is a method behind my madness!
    For the 4th week of April he has 9 recommendations for work in the garden. I only highlight the relevant ones to me and skip the others. For instance, No. 4 is ‘Cutting Asparagus’; l tried growing asparagus last year but it failed so l have not included it. No. 8 ‘Hunt Gooseberry Pests’, and yes, you guessed it, no gooseberries! Its also quicker for me just to copy what is applicable to my garden.
    If you want the complete list his books are still available via Amazon etc.
    Thanks for calling by.

  5. ninasgardeningnotebook

    April 29, 2010 at 16:56

    Hi Trevor, another very useful and interesting post by you and Mr Middleton. It is a shame you are having garlic troubles. Garlic is one of my favourites to grow because I get so much use out of it for so long after. Do you know what causes rust? We had a bit last year when we grew it on the allotment but it didn’t harm the crop too much. The year before I grew it in the garden in a site totally unsuitable to garlic and had no sign of rust at all and the garlic thrived! I do have gooseberries so I’d better get out and hunt those pests!


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