Reminders for May

01 May

Another exert from ‘Mr Middleton Talks About Gardening’:

Reminders for May.

Here we are in May at last, and very pleasant it is. I don’t think l have ever seen the countryside looking so pretty- and its going to look even prettier still during the next week or two. While l was sitting here waiting for the red light to twinkle, l was trying to recollect a poem l used to know about the month of May, but my head is so full of cats and pepper that l think l have quite forgotten everything else, and l can’t recall it. But the gist of it was that though you may travel east and west through palm-covered isles ‘neath tropic skies, and all the rest of it, you will never find a sweeter sight than an English garden in May. And l dare say a good many of you will agree with that sentiment. Where else could you find, say, lilies of the valley and bluebells and apple blossom, flowering crabs and the golden chains of laburnum, and lilac in such perfection and profusion as we find in an English cottage garden this month?

Does anyone recognise the poem he is trying to remember? I’ve tried Goggling the words and the nearest l can get is something from Rudyard Kipling. I’ll keep trying. Oh, to be in Britain back then…

We had 25c here in the week. Spring had sprung off and summer was here! It was like July but very short lived, so having had summer we are head long into Autumn with grey skies and temperatures around 12c. And still no rain! I am hoping for a deluge tomorrow as the ground really needs a soaking.

I picked my first sweet pea this evening. It smelt beautiful and can’t wait for more. We are eating the first of the radish and salad. So nice to go into the garden and start picking fresh salad leaves.

It is International Dawn Chorus Day tomorrow so l will be setting my alarm clock to go off earlier than normal for a Sunday and take myself off through the woods and down to the river and listen to Nature’s Chorus. Hope you all have a great Bank Holiday.


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4 responses to “Reminders for May

  1. Jo

    May 2, 2010 at 09:32

    It’s a little chilly again here now. We had rain on Friday, but none since.

    • trevorhunt

      May 4, 2010 at 07:01

      Hi Jo,
      Hope you are getting on okay in your garden. We had a little rain over the weekend but it was not enough and we are STILL being battered by these awful Northerly winds. It was freezing out there yesterday. We lit a fire!

  2. ninasgardeningnotebook

    May 3, 2010 at 18:48

    Hi Trevor, what an appropriate post for this weekend…we have just driven back through small English country lanes lined with bluebells, primroses, wild garlic and milkmaids and England really was looking at it’s most beautiful. May is my favourite month, I so agree with Mr Middleton. My goodness Sweet Peas ready to pick already…lucky you, the first sniff of their scent each year is such a delight! As for the weather here, when we left on Friday we hadn’t had rain for weeks but on our return the empty water butts are now overflowing! I guess it takes a Bristish Bank Holiday to bring out the rain clouds.

    • trevorhunt

      May 4, 2010 at 07:07

      Hi Nina,
      Your description of your journey brings back so many happy memories of when we lived in Herefordshire/Gloucestershire. Its nice here too but, well, its not ENGLAND!
      I started my sweet peas off last October and kept them in an unheated greenhouse over winter. These cold winds are certainly not helping things here. It was mind over matter yesterday and in the end l gave in to the temptations of a log fire and a cup of tea!
      Loads more to write up on Mr Middleton….more to come over the coming days.


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