‘A Brief Period Of Rejoicing’

08 May

Today, 8th May, marks Victory in Europe (VE) Day. Winston Churchill told the Commons :

We may allow ourselves a brief period of rejoicing; but let us not forget for a moment the toil and efforts that lie ahead. Japan with her her treachery and greed, remain unsubdued.We must now devote all our strength and resources to the completion of our task, both at home and abroad. Advance Britannia.

After six long years and millions of lives lost, the war in Europe was finally over.In London over a million peoplecelebrated and crowds massed in Trafalgar Square and up the Mall to Buckingham Palace, where King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, accompanied by the Prime Minister Winston Churchill, appeared on the balcony of the Palace to cheering crowds.

“This is your hour. This is your Victory”, Churchill told the crowds. “It is not a victory of a party or of any class. It’s a victory of the great British nation as a whole”.

The crowds burst into song singing ‘Land of Hope and Glory’. If there was one place l would like to have been it was there and then. The atmosphere must have been electric. Britain at its united best.

Click on this link to see a wonderful piece of film in colour of that moment in London: VE Day

Broad Beans

66 years on and my thoughts are also on my garden! We have been having tremendous thunderstorms and huge downpours with strong gusty winds.

It's raining again!

No problems with dry soil now. In fact, the garden is growing by the minute. My runner beans love the rain and are putting on some strong growth. So are my courgettes, squash and pumpkins. The spuds are looking good and so too are the peas and dwarf beans. I applied a soft soap solution on the blackfly on the Broad Beans and it seems to be working, albeit slowly. Thank you to Janet at Plantalicious for sending me a garlic spray recipe to get rid of the nasty blighters. I will use it if the soft soap solution doesn’t work.

I am also taking a chance with nature by planting out my courgettes this weekend. If a frost is forecast l will lay a fleece over them. the same with the spuds and runner beans. This hot weather has brought everything on so quickly l don’t have a choice really. If they stay in their pots their growth will be stumped and they never really fully recover.

Courgettes, squash and pumpkins ready to plant out

The Salad Bar

Everything comes up Roses in the end!


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7 responses to “‘A Brief Period Of Rejoicing’

  1. greg becker

    May 8, 2011 at 10:14

    May your runner beans be united and your pumpkins victorious!

    • trevorhunt

      May 8, 2011 at 13:01

      My Pumpkins will never be like yours Greg but this time l am going to really feed them and see what happens. Last year some self-seeded (Turks Turban) on the big compost heap that we just keep adding to and we had loads. Maybe l’ll try doing that again…..

  2. Rachael

    May 8, 2011 at 12:19

    Everything looks wonderful – you have a lovely spot there in France. We have finally had some rain now too, I’m just about to go and inspect the plot and see the results!

    • trevorhunt

      May 8, 2011 at 12:59

      Hi Rachael, It is lovely here but after 7 years we have decided to return to Blighty. We just miss England!
      Hope your plot is up to expectations. Pics please!

  3. Janet/Plantaliscious

    May 8, 2011 at 13:08

    It must have been an extraordinary day to be British.

    Lovely looking salad bar! Good luck with the blackfly, hope you don’t need the garlic spray. Its that time of year, isn’t it, when gardeners all over the northern hemisphere try to predict whether there will be any more frost. I think I am going to hedge my bets and pot my courgettes and squashes on one more time before hardening them off – there’s not really room at the plot yet anyway. Hope you don’t have to do any emergency fleecing!

    • trevorhunt

      May 9, 2011 at 08:26

      Hi Janet, Just been out surveying the estate and good news…the blackfly have been defeated and have all retreated to who knows where! A brief period of rejoicing is in order l feel!


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