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Allotment Waiting Lists

How are you all getting on out there with all this rain? Depending on where you live l suppose it makes for some excellent growing conditions. After all, the season started really well and there was no reason not to have the ground prepared for sowing. Or was there?

I have just been to my local Council Offices and registered my interest in renting an allotment. ‘Which one would you like?’ asked the Receptionist. My heart leapt at the thought l was going to be offered one there and then. ‘I don’t mind’ l said ‘Anything you have got. I’m not after a full plot. Just half or even a quarter plot would do’. ‘No’ came the reply ‘Which allotment site are you interested in?’ ‘Oh, er whichever has the shortest waiting list’ l said hopefully. ‘They are all the same. Four years on average. But l will put your name down with them all’. In an act of mental desperation l mentioned my blog that l write and how it is one of the gardening blogs listed with The Guardian on their gardening blog website. But she was having none of it. And l only had 65p in my pocket so l couldn’t even offer a bribe!

And so l am on the waiting list. The four year waiting list! But l have a cunning plan. Me thinks that if l pay a visit to these allotment sites and take a look around at the scruffy ones, then maybe, just maybe they might be happy to go halves with me because it is all too much for them and one of them would be happy to share some of their plot? It’s worth a try. Nothing ventured and all that. I will keep you posted.

One Day!

 This extract l have taken from Mr Middleton’s book ‘Mr Middleton Talks About Gardening’ was actually first published in 1935 so makes no reference to the war ahead.The month is May.

The vegetable marrow bed should be prepared now, and seed may be sown in the south. In the north the end of the month will be soon enough.If you want a few really nice marrows for the show, a good idea is to train them over a sloping framework of some kind. An old gate, sloping from the ground near the plants, to a wall or fence or some other support, four or five feet high, does quite well. Tie the shoots here and there, and then let the young marrows hang under the gate. By this method you get them perfectly straight and evenly marked, and free from slugs or soil blemishes, and they will grow to quite a good size without breaking the stems.

Of course we don’t all happen to have a spare gate, but l’ve no doubt you can fix up a contrivance of some kind which will answer just as well. But whatever you do, especially if you try this on an allotment, let it be something neat and inconspicuous. I should be very sorry to suggest anything which might encourage the use of old bedsteads and other worn out domestic appliances on the allotments. I should like to take this opportunity of appealing to allotment holders generally to be a little more considerate of the public point of view and try to keep the allotments a little tidier than they usually are. I have seen allotment fields recently which, from a distance, look like vast rubbish dumps rather than productive gardens. Surely this is hardly necessary? A little ingenuity and a coat of green paint can often cover up a multitude of eyesores.

Well, Mr Middleton, if l am lucky in my quest, l promise to keep it spick and span and certainly no rusting old bedsteads!


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Help…l need a veg plot!

Quick update: we have moved again and this time we have a ‘real’ garden. A lovely garden with a shed, mature shrubs and trees which back onto a lovely river. BUT…and there always seems to be a but, this garden is not mine. We are renting and although there is space to have a small plot our landlord does not want me to start digging up his grass for him.

I can’t blame him as we might only be here for 6 months. We would buy this house if he would let us but he has no wish to sell at the moment. So the house hunt continues. It leaves me, however, deprived of a veg plot and at this time of the year my heart is yearning! The waiting list for an allotment is 4 years.

I have been looking at some of your blogs and l am so envious to see your rhubarb, leeks, tomato plants and purple sprouting broccoli etc growing away. My beautiful veg plot is the single biggest thing l miss most about leaving France. Although l must admit to enjoying the extra time off l have from not having to tend to a plot and large garden, on balance l would still like to have a small plot; just enough to grow the basics without it feeling too much of a burden. I have learnt from my mistakes of taking too much on at once.

I have said this in previous posts, but without a real plot to tend l find it difficult to write this particular blog. I could, of course, just write up on Mr Middleton’s experiences in the interim and at least that would keep my blog ‘alive’. It just might satisfy my need to have a plot or it could make the whole situation far worse which is what l am afraid of.

I will give it more thought but what is spurning me on are not just your lovely comments but the huge number of hits l get every day. People are looking in and so l do feel l should not disappoint.I will look through his books again and see what l can come up with!

In the meantime, you lucky lot with budding plots, take it easy and enjoy the fruits and veg of your labours.


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Allotments: A Growth Industry

I love stories like this. Power to the people!

Allotments: A Growth Industry

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Allotments for all!

This is fantastic news.


Acres of privately owned land is to be turned into allotments, to boost the number of people growing their own fruit and veg. A Government scheme announced today proposes handing over unused building sites and derelict land to keen gardeners, just like the Dig for Victory campaign of the 1940’s. I am looking forward to seeing how this develops and actually seeing allotments appear in inner cities. Great news for those 100,000 plus people on the waiting list for a piece of land.

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