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London Pride

I’m a long way from London but over the past few days l have been appalled at what has been going on there and, in recent nights, in other cities too. I remember the riots back in the 80’s.Back then these people were angry, let down by the government and their communities and needed to vent their frustrations the only way they knew how. I’m not saying this was the right way to go about things but at least there was a reason as to their behaviour.

Unlike the mindless acts of violence and vandalism we have all been witnessing on our TV’s the past few days. It is a crying shame that a small bunch of idiots in various towns and cities are allowed to destroy people’s livelihoods. In fairness to the police they have their hands tied. They are damned if they go in hard and they are damned if they don’t.These idiots are only ‘rioting’ because its a warm August evening, boredom has set in again, ‘it’s som’at to do in’it’ and there is every opportunity to smash the hell out of anything and anybody along with the chance of grabbing a flat-screen TV to boot. There is no rhyme nor reason behind this spate of violence other than greed. People of all ages have been involved including children as young as 11 years! Where were their parents? What were they thinking of? I have my own thoughts of how we should tackle these problems but it’s not in the conventional way!

So it was so uplifting to see on the TV men, women, children banded together through Facebook and Twitter armed with brooms to help clean up their neighbourhoods. It reminded me of an old wartime poster with the women marching along ‘Up and ‘At ‘Em’. The same fighting spirit lives on all these years later. And l for one was proud to see it. I felt this sent a stronger message to these thugs than anything else. “Yes, you might smash things up but this is our town too and we are here in force to clean things up. We have pride and respect for our neighbourhood, even if you don’t!”

Long live this Pride and thank God there are still people out there that are not frightened to show it. The true spirit of London lives on just as it did in the Second World War. Your forebears would be truly proud of you all. Well done!

Someone said to me ‘Heck, makes you want to come back, doesn’t it?’ Well, yes it does because l know it was a very small minority and that the vast majority do have pride in their country and for as long as we have that balance then l still have hope. I love my country but despise anyone, whoever they are, behaving in this way. Crack that whip, and crack it hard!


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