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Chant de Marin…and a big shock!

So this post has absolutely nothing to do with gardening or Mr Middleton, but who cares when just 10 minutes down the road our local town of Paimpol is hosting the 10th Chant de Marin which is the biggest Sea Shanty music festival in France. Our small harbour town of just a few thousand suddenly swells to hundreds of thousands over 3 days of music and merriment.

This year the theme is Celtic Seas and the line up includes Simple Minds, The Chieftains, Sinead O’Connor, The Waterboys and loads of other acts. As well as that the small port becomes crammed with old sailing vessels from around the world some hosting acts on their decks. We have our tickets for tonight to see The Cheiftains and Simple Minds. What a line up! Just hope the weather holds as it has been grey and miserable this morning. Will let you know later so l will save this as a draft and publish it tomorrow and include some snaps.

The morning after the night before!

Hey, the weather was kind to us again, the sun came out and it was really warm. The harbour was buzzing and had some amazing boats in the quayside. So, with my sea legs on we took a walk about.

Ye Olde Galleon

There were boats of all shapes and sizes:

More old boats

There were some great acts playing around the harbour too:

Cool Kats

There were some lovely typical Breton Girls too:

Breton Girls

And then there was the music. The festival is held every two years with a different theme attracting some big names. This year The Chieftains got things started. These guys have been going for 50 years now! Incredible. Their music is beautiful as well as traditional. Paddy Maloney must be getting on a bit now. But he held things together and gave us a great show.

Paddy and The Chieftains

We were lucky and got right down by the stage for a great view. Later in their show they introduced us to someone who l remember as being a ‘spirited’ girl with Attitude! Her shaved head and elfin features have been replaced by something that must have shocked the whole audience.

Shock of the Year!

Any idea yet? In fairness to her she is pregnant but nonetheless not what l was expecting at all. Here’s another…maybe the tattoos will help you….

The new 'Mumsy' look!

Drum roll…………………..May l introduce you to Sinead O’Connor! Open jawed and staring in total disbelief the only thing that was recognisable was her voice. Well, she still has the ability to shock but not for the same reasons!

Moving swiftly on, we held our places to watch Simple Minds perform a brilliant gig. Being so close was incredible and the atmosphere was brilliant. Jim Kerr has changed, of course, but at least he is still recognisable.

Jim Kerr

They played all their hits and stuff from their latest album and nearly burst my ear drums.

Simple Minds

That’s all for me this year. It goes on for the weekend with the Mumsy Sinead O’Connor if you would like to see her. Meanwhile l think l need a soak in a deep bath to ease those pains from last night. Guess we are all getting older!


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