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Help…l need a veg plot!

Quick update: we have moved again and this time we have a ‘real’ garden. A lovely garden with a shed, mature shrubs and trees which back onto a lovely river. BUT…and there always seems to be a but, this garden is not mine. We are renting and although there is space to have a small plot our landlord does not want me to start digging up his grass for him.

I can’t blame him as we might only be here for 6 months. We would buy this house if he would let us but he has no wish to sell at the moment. So the house hunt continues. It leaves me, however, deprived of a veg plot and at this time of the year my heart is yearning! The waiting list for an allotment is 4 years.

I have been looking at some of your blogs and l am so envious to see your rhubarb, leeks, tomato plants and purple sprouting broccoli etc growing away. My beautiful veg plot is the single biggest thing l miss most about leaving France. Although l must admit to enjoying the extra time off l have from not having to tend to a plot and large garden, on balance l would still like to have a small plot; just enough to grow the basics without it feeling too much of a burden. I have learnt from my mistakes of taking too much on at once.

I have said this in previous posts, but without a real plot to tend l find it difficult to write this particular blog. I could, of course, just write up on Mr Middleton’s experiences in the interim and at least that would keep my blog ‘alive’. It just might satisfy my need to have a plot or it could make the whole situation far worse which is what l am afraid of.

I will give it more thought but what is spurning me on are not just your lovely comments but the huge number of hits l get every day. People are looking in and so l do feel l should not disappoint.I will look through his books again and see what l can come up with!

In the meantime, you lucky lot with budding plots, take it easy and enjoy the fruits and veg of your labours.


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