April She Comes

08 Apr

Mr Middleton says: Do not sow runner beans out of doors until the lilac is in bloom.


1. Support Peas.- Twigs provide the best support and should be inserted as soon as the seedlings show. For peas that are planted out, supports are put in immediately. Push them in firmly and keep them vertical or leaning slightly inwards. Allow at least 6 in. over the advertised height of the variety. Trim the twigs lightly with hedge shears to give a neat appearance.

4. Start New Compost Heap.– The compost heap, to which you have been adding all the winter, should be completed now, so that it will be throughly decayed by the autumn and can be used to dig in. A new heap should be started to take the summer rubbish.

5. Plant Out Onions.

6. Sow Long-Rooted Carrots.– Long-rooted carrots such as St.Valery, can now be sown. They need a long season to get the best from them.

The Governments April edition of The Allotment & Garden Guide also tells us that spring is here and its action stations!

Even yesterday it felt like winter here with a stiff NW wind making it unpleasant to be out in the garden. But today looks and feels like spring is really here. Blue skies, warm sunshine, no wind…hooray, the birds are all singing and the first swallows were seen last week;  its going to be a joy being out there. So no time like the present, l’m off to catch up with all the sowing  l have been putting off over the past few weeks. I may be some time!


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4 responses to “April She Comes

  1. Miranda

    April 8, 2010 at 09:33

    Do you start your peas in the ground or indoors? I find that when they go straight into the ground, the mice find them.

    • trevorhunt

      April 8, 2010 at 20:15

      Hi Miranda,
      I sow some of my peas direct and put the supports in at the time of sowing. The peas l started off in the greenhouse have had a hard time with the slugs. The fight is on. I don’t take prisoners l am afraid. Its a size 11 for them! Post to follow.

  2. Jo

    April 8, 2010 at 10:37

    My lilac tree is in bud, but no sign of any blooms yet. I’ll hold off the runner beans for a while. I haven’t managed to get my onions or potatoes in the ground yet, it’s been far too wet, so I’m hoping for a few rain free days so that the allotment can dry out a little.

  3. annie

    April 8, 2010 at 19:34

    My lilac bush is just in bud so will wait too.
    Been a beautiful day here in London too, felt like the first real spring day.
    Set traps for slugs/snails last night..dark places for them to hide where I could find them today, I stopped counting at 110!! must have been 150plus, doing the same again tonight.
    I didn’t kill them just re homed them in the local woods :O)
    They got nearly all my peas last year, this year I want some too!


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